The Park Commission shall serve as an advisory body to the City Council. In particular, the Park Commission shall make recommendations to the Council regarding:
  1. The design of parks, construction of roadways and trails, and other necessary structures and improvements in parks.
  2. Contracts and leases for the construction and operation of park facilities.
  3. The purchase of all necessary materials, supplies, equipment, and services pertaining to parks.
  4. The maintenance of park property so that it is adequately maintained.
  5. Events for the general public.
  6. The review of proposed subdivisions to assure compliance with the park provisions of Chapter 153 of this code of ordinances; (The review may include comments on whether the city should pursue payment of a park dedication fee in lieu of dedication of an area within the subdivision for use as park property.)
  7. The review of the city’s comprehensive plan as it relates to the development and acquisition of park property.
  8. The review and monitoring of any recreation programs contracted with other agencies or provided by the city
  9. Oversight and review of the Appleton Aquatic Center operations and staff
  10. Oversight of the summer seasonal staff operating on parks property,
  11. Other duties and powers as the City Council may delegate to the Commission.

The Parks & Recreation Commission meets the 1st Wednesday of each quarter at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers


Commission Member Term End
Tom Watson 2026
Shawn Swenson 2025
Mike Borstad 2026
Dale Lien 2026
Eddie Massee 2025
Dan Enke

Council Liaison


2024 Meeting Dates
January 3
March 6
June 5
September 11
December 11
City of Appleton, 323 West Schlieman Ave, 320-289-1363