Cemetery Maps

**The cemetery is now open to the public. However, please note that there is still cleanup & lawn mowing that needs to be done so please be patient with our crews as they do their best to prepare the cemetery**


If you are looking for a loved one that is buried in the Appleton City Cemetery, please start with the Deceased Master List. This list is updated once a year (usually spring) and will list the block, lot, half & grave number.

Block: refers to the large area in the cemetery (similar to city blocks).

           -Blocks listed with an OC or just a number are in the Original Cemetery

Lot: Listed on the top left corner(All Lettered Blocks) or in red (Original Cemetery) under each map

Half: This indicates which side of the lot the deceased can be found, either West or East

Grave: In Blocks B,C,D,G,H,N & the Original Cemetery, it will indicate either the North, Center or South grave. In Blocks K & M, graves will be marked with a number in the upper left hand corner of the map. There are no lots or half's sold in these two blocks.

*Please note that the deceased list is updated annually and may not be updated to the current year. Contact the city office if you cannot find the name you are looking for.*

City of Appleton, 323 West Schlieman Ave, 320-289-1363