Frisbee Golf!

Funded by Horizons of Appleton & built by volunteers from the community, the 9 hole course is located in Riverview Park. This course is free to use.

Played like traditional ball golf, Frisbee Golf involves throwing a disc from a tee off point to a target (usually a metal basket with chains). Any type of disc can be used, with some used just for golf available for purchase at most sporting stores. Players keep count of throws (for strokes) with the lowest number of strokes winning the game. All of the holes in Appleton are Par 3 holes.

To start the game, hole number 1 is located just north of the entrance of the parking lot at the park and is marked with a white stake.

A map of the course, courtesy of the Appleton Press: (Click here for map) 


City of Appleton, 323 West Schlieman Ave, 320-289-1363