If you need to dispose of lawn clippings, leaves, branches, the City of Appleton does have a brush site that is free to use for all residents. See the Brush Site Rules below for more information on what can be brought there and procedures for disposal.


The site will not be staffed at this time. If any illegal dumping is found, the site will be shut down until further notice.




The only items allowed at the City brush site is the following:

  • Trees, branches, grass clipping, garden waste – take containers (bags, boxes) back home. ABSOLUTELY NO LUMBER. 


Only materials from inside the city limits of Appleton are accepted. No out of town dumping please. 


There are areas marked for the above mentioned items. When disposing of these items, they must be placed in the correct area.


Brush Hours – The site is open to the public during the Summer & Fall months as long as there is no snow and it is not too sloppy for vehicles to travel in & out. The site is open 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday and Wednesday & 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Saturday. 


Contractors: The brush site key can be checked out for a season or for a day for a fee. Please stop by the city office for more details and key rental contracts. 


WARNING: Be aware! The Appleton Sportsmen’s Club gun range is located to the south of the City’s brush site and there has been times that shot has made it into the site.


City of Appleton, 323 West Schlieman Ave, 320-289-1363